Jubilee Bank Holiday Guide


There’s no better way to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee than with some great food & drink. And where better to look than Villiers Street? Below is our quick guide to enjoying what’s on offer on Villiers Street for the Jubilee festivities:

Feel Regal at Gordon’s Wine Bar

gordons wine bar

For the Queen’s Jubilee, Gordon’s Wine Bar announced that their Cote de Provence rosé will feature the Queen’s Jubilee emblem – a great summer drink for raising a toast to Her Majesty!

In addition, after discovering that Dubonnet is one of the Queen’s preferred drinks, the team at Gordon’s have worked hard to create a special edition Jubilee Cocktail. After a little trial and error, they arrived at the perfect blend: a glass of Cava with a dash of Dubonnet.

Try something brand new

korean corn dogs

The Jubilee is a special event that doesn’t happen very often, so why not treat yourself to something you might not have tried before? We recently welcomed Bunsik to the street who offer authentic Korean style street food such as corn dogs and rice cakes. Perfect for fuelling up or taking a break amid the weekend’s celebrations.

Enjoy a different kind of kingdom

kingdom of sweets

Head to a different kind of kingdom for the Jubilee – the Kingdom of Sweets! In traditional Pick ‘n’ Mix style, you can grab yourself some exclusive treats, including an amazing range of American and retro sweets, sodas and goodies at great prices. Think Oreo’s, Reeces’s, Nerds, Hershey’s, Wonka and more. Whether you take them home or eat them on Villiers Street the moment you leave the store is up to you.

There’s more!

This isn’t an exhaustive list. There are plenty of places to enjoy great food and drink this upcoming bank holiday – you can find a full list here.

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