In 2002, Amorino opened its first store in the heart of Paris. The adventure started on Ile Saint-Louis, the must-see destination for any visitor to Paris. Childhood friends, the co-founders Cristiano Sereni & Paolo Benassi decided to combine their two passions: Italy – gelato.

The idea was to allow Parisians to discover the true taste of the finest Italian gelato recipes. The gamble was taken and it proved to be a resounding success. Amorino sets itself apart thanks to its philosophy of only using carefully sourced ingredients all of which are free of preservatives, artificial flavours and flavour enhancers, to make their artisanal gelati.

Then, using a spatula, the gelati are shaped like a rose, making them both unique as well as appetising and easily recognisable.Customers may choose as many different flavours as petals on the flower, select the size of cone or cup and add a gelato-filled macaron to top their creation, just like a cherry on a cake.

A wide range of hot and cold drinks are also available and the most demanding customers can create their own milkshake or sorbet drink with flavours of their choice.

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