Wonzimer’s Bordering Abstraction Exhibition


‘Bordering Abstraction’

35 Villiers St London WC2N 6ND

Curated by Aidan Nelson of Wonzimer gallery, Bordering Abstraction is Wonzimer’s first international exhibition.

Los Angeles-based gallery Wonzimer proudly presents ‘Bordering Abstraction’. This exhibition brings together works by three Los Angeles-based artists Cheyann Washington, Vita Eruhimovitz, and Joshua Ross alongside their London contemporaries Henry Hussy, Ian Douglass, and Alexis Soul-Gray. Each of these artists demonstrates experimental approaches to subject matter and material, ultimately pushing the boundaries of contemporary abstraction.

Abstract painting is vital in its ability to dissolve real and perceived boundaries between humans, whether religious, national, economic, or political. The works in this exhibition ask us to reimagine the border not only between artistic communities but question the very borders that seem apparent in the practices of these artists. Languages of material, color, texture, content, and context all melt together into a singular meditation, communicating and reflecting a world that is ever-changing at an accelerated pace.

The artists within the exhibition come from various backgrounds, differing in their identities in terms of race, gender, and ideology but are brought together to re-imagine and redefine the often violent borders that separate us. From textile work to silk paintings, works on paper or velvet, and sculptural paintings, the artists explore the concept of what abstraction can be and how a borderless world could be imagined.


Cheyann Washington

Joshua AM Ross

Ian Douglass

Henry Hussey

Alexis Soul-Gray

Vita Eruhimovitz

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