Villiers Street Welcomes Doyle Wham


Villiers Street welcomes Doyle Wham, a UK gallery promoting contemporary photography from Africa and its diaspora. Doyle Wham is delighted to announce the opening of Into The Fold, a new pop-up exhibition of forty works spanning four decades of innovative practice by eight women photographers and creative practitioners.

Doyle Wham exist to promote innovative, young voices working in photography to a global audience with the belief that art is for everyone. Not only do the artists not bear any costs to exhibit their work with all profits being split equally, 10% of Doyle Wham’s profits are donated to their charity partners. 


Who are Doyle Wham?


Meet Imme Dattenberg-Doyle and Sofia Carreira-Wham. Imme is an African art and design expert. The Managing Director of the Right for Education Foundation, Imme is also the founder of Afrikan Gallery, a photography page with over a million followers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sofia is a contemporary art market expert. She is an experienced Writer, Archivist and Curator who has trained at some of the UK’s top national museums and galleries. She is dedicated to a range of philanthropic projects with a particular focus on arts education in Africa through her work with Mobile Art School Kenya.



Come in and meet the Doyle Wham team at 35 – 37 Villiers Street. Their new pop-up exhibition, Into The Fold, is open daily from 8th October – 14th November, from 12 – 7pm.

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