Valentine’s At Doughnut Time On Villiers Street


Valentine’s Day is nearly here!

There isn’t a better way to enjoy this special occasion, either with a loved one or simply as a sweet treat to yourself. Whether you like your doughnuts glazed, sprinkled, or filled with jelly or cream, Doughnut Time offer a variety of options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you’re feeling creative, you could even decorate your own doughnuts with icing and toppings to make them extra special.

Doughnut Time have introduced their own Valentine’s doughnuts. Meet the in-store cast of Grease.

Danny Zu-cola ~ doughnut dipped in cola glaze and topped with fizzy cola bottles

Strawberry Sand-ae ~ doughnut filled with whipped strawberry milkshake ganache, dipped in strawberry glaze, piped with vanilla buttercream; topped with sprinkles, a chocolate straw and a glacé cherry

In store until 16th February, head to Villiers Street now to grab yours!

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