London’s Viral Korean Corndog On Villiers Street


If you happen to be a part of the London food enthusiast community on Tiktok, chances are you’ve encountered Bunsik at some juncture. Their captivating cheese-pulling videos are bound to leave you craving.

London’s growing fascination with Korean cuisine is undeniable, and Bunsik is unquestionably a must-visit spot. Situated conveniently on Villiers Street which is also worth exploring, it’s a culinary gem you should not miss out on if the opportunity arises.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a corndog is a hot dog wrapped in corn meal dough and then deep fried.

They offer seven different corndogs to choose from: original hotdog, half and half, octo legs hotdog, potato hotdog, potato mozzarella, cheese and cheese, and beef hotdog. They also have ddukbokki (fried rice cakes), with different toppings to choose from, and bulgogi, spicy pork and chicken teriyaki cupbaps (rice pots).Bunsik | Villiers Street

Opening hours: Mon – Thurs 1130 – 2000; Fri 1130 – 2230; Sat 1100- 2230; Sun 1100 – 2000

Closest station: Charing Cross Station | Embankment Tube Station

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