Celebrate the Coronation with Thunderbird Chicken


Come for the Coronation, Stay for the Chicken

If you’re in town for the Coronation weekend you’ll no doubt be looking for somewhere to snap up a tasty bite between the bustle of the crowds and the crowning of the King and Queen Consort. Look no further than the lightning fast Thunderbird Fried Chicken. And whilst we love all they have to offer, here are our tips for for your next order.


King of the Wing:

Voted the best Buffalo Wings in London at WingFest, this chipotle infused take on a classic will have you coming back for round two. Tangy heat, dusted with fresh coriander and sharp pickled celery, finished with a dunking in their signature blue cheese dip is a tough combo to best.

Royal Orbs:

Who doesn’t love a Tater Tot? These crisp hash brown balls are the perfect addition to any festive feast. On their own, a classic for the ages, but don’t forget to try the Meltdown version. Luxurious red pepper aioli, meets molten jalapeño-miso cheddar. Quite the mouthful we can assure you.


Crowned with Crumbs:

Churros. Need I say more? For that quick kick to keep you going, don’t forget about these hot little pleasure sticks. We can’t fault the Biscoff take on these Spanish delights. Silky sauce offset with a nutty biscuit crunch. A heavenly sweet break in the clouds, away from the crowds.


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