3 Plant-Based Dishes You Need to Try This Veganuary


The start of a New Year marks the beginning of Veganuary, an annual challenge set to inspire meat-lovers to try veganism for one month. Founded by a UK non-profit organisation, Veganuary supported more than half a million people with their plant-based diet in January 2021 – with participants from over 200 countries and territories.


The mission is clear; Veganuary want to drive corporate change, and create a mass movement with the aim of ending animal farming, protecting the planet and improving human health. With the initiative now in full swing, we’ve put together a mini food guide on Villiers Street for all you meat-lovers taking part in Veganuary, or those simply trying to live a more plant-based lifestyle.


Greenaway’s Pie & Mash  

Mark Greenaway’s Vegan Mince, Red Wine & Rosemary Pie is the answer to any meat-lover’s concerns about going vegan. Take it one step further and pair this scrumptious pie with sweet potato mash for the full plant-based experience.



Not just for veggies… Pret’s vegan menu is here for your meat free Mondays, Sundays and every day in between. Introducing the world’s first crowd-sourced wrap, the Sunshine ‘N Spice Wrap, created by Honorary Pret Chef Paula during a lockdown hunt for the next Pret vegan sandwich.



Itsu are vegan all year round, not just for January. Their miso is rich in a range of nutrients, including calcium and protein. Often associated with dairy and meat products, it’s assumed that vegans don’t get enough calcium or protein in their diet. The freshly prepared Nagano Valley miso paste in Itsu’s miso soups provides 15% of your reference daily intake of calcium, contributing to healthy bones and functioning digestive enzymes.


Hop off the tube at Embankment or Charing Cross and treat yourself to some incredible plant-based dishes. 


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