3 mistakes people make when visiting Villiers Street


Not everyone is perfect and not everyone has experienced everything that Villiers Street has to offer yet. Here are 3 mistakes that people make when visiting us. Is this you?

1.You don’t grab a bite to eat

There’s so much to sample on Villiers Street that it would almost be a crime not to at least try something one of these on your way from Charing Cross to Embankment:

Bunsik – Korean Corn Dogs
Itsu – Sushi
Five Guys – Burgers
L’ulivo – Italian cuisine
Ippudo – Ramen

2.You don’t notice the architecture

There are a lot of nice buildings down Villiers Street that often go unnoticed. Whilst it’s very important to look where you’re going and we wouldn’t advise against it, a number of people do miss out on experiencing the architecture. The street was built in the 1670’s after all.

There are plenty of things to spot if you’re looking for them, such as Charing Cross railway station and Kipling House, where author Rudyard Kipling lived between 1889 and 1891.

Finally, a very difficult mistake to make, but if you don’t visit the Charing Cross side of Villiers Street, there’s a chance you might not notice the extraordinary footbridge that connects the two parts of the Clermont Hotel.

3. You forget about Victoria Embankment Gardens

victoria embankment

In the mad rush to get from A to B, or Charing Cross to Embankment, you might forget to take some time out to relax and get away from the crowds. To the east of Villiers Street, you’llfind the beautiful Victoria Embankment Gardens. Perfect for a picnic, hanging out with friends or enjoying some time alone, you can expect city centre greenery, lawns and monuments as well as the often overlooked York Water Gate, which is actually over 400 years old!

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